About Our Courses

About Our Courses

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These studies are flexible for any teaching and learning style. There are enough work pages to suit the “Back to Basics” model, and more than enough suggested resources to satisfy “unit study” and “hands on” approaches.

The resources suggested are chosen for their engaging narrative and fit the Charlotte Mason method of using living books.

Canada, My Country has 27 lessons and can be done daily in about 1 ½ months, which is a good way to cover material quickly esp. with older children. It can be planned for 2 x week for ½ year if preferred. Canada’s Natives Long Ago would be a good study for the other ½ year.

Canada’s Natives Long Ago has enough material and suggested resources to spend a year on, however, with many other topics to cover, it is suggested that you spend ½ on this subject.

Courage and Conquest covers all settlement of Canada from Vikings to Confederation. It is best studied over the course of a full year. While there are only 30 lessons, the guide provides the framework with time allotment for additional reading on important events. Ideally, Courage & Conquest can be done once with children Grades 4 and under as an overview, and again with children Grades 5-8 with more in-depth topical research. There are too many stories to learn to leave it all to one year.

Geography, Province to Province has 63 lessons with 4 lessons per province. With the plan to study one province/territory per week, the study takes about ½ year to finish. If studied twice per week, the study would take 1 school year to finish.

The course schedule for Canada in the 20th Century includes about 40 minutes per day, 4 days per week for one school year. Students can double up lessons if desired to complete in one semester, or access all the additional resources to stretch into a two-year course. Course content is considered equal to one full high school course.

All the lessons of each study can be read aloud or read alone and require very little preparation time apart from some library visits and goal-setting. (It is easy to get side-tracked with all the great literature.) Teaching younger children requires more adult supervision, while the older children can follow the study guides on their own.

Living books are story style written by someone passionate about the subject. They draw you in, engage emotions & make the subject come alive so it’s easy to remember the events. We offer you the best in living books with curriculum guides to pull the groupings into an easy plan.

Please visit What Curriculum? for more info on how to choose the best Canadian Social Studies curriculum for what your students need to learn based on their age and previous studies.

Lite Membership Courses contain online resources that supplement the following Northwoods Press courses: Canada, My Country, Canada’s Natives Long Ago, Geography, Province to Province, Courage and Conquest, or Africa, A Land of Hope.

When you purchase one of these courses, you will receive access to online curated third-party Easy Links for corresponding websites and online videos that relate to the curriculum.

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