Can I Make Copies?

Copyright: Can the workpages in Donna Ward’s studies be reproduced?

All the work pages in each study guide are reproducible for use by the original purchaser. The teacher of one classroom may copy the material for individual students of one classroom, but not for an entire school or school board.

The digital code for electronic download of workpages gives permission for the original purchaser only. Digital downloads are not licensed for sharing or selling 2nd hand.

Second hand sales (or borrowing) of hard copies of curriclum authored by Donna Ward is discouraged since the workpages are not reproducible for 2nd hand users. Second hand purchasers should use a book as a consumable, having the student write directly in the product. If someone borrows curriculum from a friend, they should purchase the corresponding etext for access to worksheets and answer keys.

To be family friendly, our products are reproducible, but reselling and lending has a direct impact on our ability to continue creating products for your use.

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