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Alberta Bundle Grade 4


Enjoy some resources to help fulfill the Grade 4 outcomes for Social Studies in Alberta  and save $3 off purchasing individually.

From the Ministry of Education:
Your Grade 4 child will examine the relationship between the geography of Alberta and the history and culture of Alberta’s peoples. Exploring Alberta’s rich history and development will help them understand the province’s diversity, instill a sense of pride and identity, and help them value and respect the province and its people.

  • ISBN: 9780123451019
  • Ages: 8-12

These resources will give your child:

  • a workbook about Alberta
  • a beautiful full colour information book about Alberta
  • a picture book about life of the First Peoples
  • a pioneering novel

Your children will delight in maps, pictures, and stories of the roots of the people and culture of their province.

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