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Amazing Stories: Rebels Against Tories in Upper Canada 1837


The 1837 Rebellion in Upper Canada was a defining moment in Canadian history. It led to political and economic reforms, pushed forward the process of nationhood, and sparked a sense of patriotism. It was also a time of turbulence, uncertainty, and sacrifice

  • ISBN: 9781552774328
  • Author: Maria Da Silva and Andrew Hind
  • Pages: 128
  • Ages: 12+, Adult

Rebels Against Tories in Upper Canada 1837 focuses on ordinary men and women who found themselves in the middle of an armed revolt against the colonial authorities who ruled them. Some of the citizenry were rebels hoping to create a more liberal society, others joined the efforts of the Tory establishment fighting to defend the Crown, and others were uninvolved people caught in the middle of what became armed conflict.


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