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CA Close Up: Canada’s Natural Resources


Did you know that in the north, mining companies build long ice roads on lakes for trucks to drive back and forth on? Did you know that some parts for your computer come from deep in the earth? Do you know some of Canada’s most important resources?

This large country we live in has many resources we can use to make things we use everyday. These are your to discover, protect and use for the future!

  • ISBN: 9781443107952
  • Author: Carrie Gleason
  • 64 pages
  • Ages: 5-7, 6-9

Find out about the riches of Canada's natural resources!

Canada is a big country, rich in natural resources. All of its diverse environments ― from oceans, rivers and lakes, to forests, mountains, fertile soils and grasslands ― supply raw materials that can be useful in all sorts of ways. Some natural resources, like crops or fish, can be used just as they are. Others are transformed to produce energy or materials for products we use every day, from cars to phones to computers, clothes, books, and everything in between.

Find out what Canada has to offer, and why it's so important that we value our natural resources and use them responsibly.

This new addition to the Canada Close Up non-fiction series has full-colour photos throughout and provides a table of contents, an index and glossary of important terms.

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