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Canadian Greats


Scholastic Canada Biographies: A new series by award winning author, Maxine Trottier. These biographies easily interest young Canadians in stories of the past.

Read the fascinating true stories of five great Canadians who made our country proud, from the daring courage of Laura Secord to the great sportsmanship of Wayne Gretzky.

Biographies include Frederick Banting, Billy Bishop, Wayne Gretzky, Nellie McClung and Laura Secord.

  • ISBN: 9780779114030
  • Author: Maxine Trottier
  • 48 pages
  • Ages: 6-9

Five fascinating biographies of some of the greatest Canadians who ever lived. From the record-breaking sports career of Wayne Gretzky and the wartime daring of Billy Bishop to the historic heroism of Laura Secord, Canadian Greats is written for 7-to 9-year olds to read themselves.

Packed with colourful illustrations, this is an excellent introduction to some of the people who have achieved greatness in the eyes of Canada and the world.

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