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Email Sent Counterpoints: Exploring Canadian Issues, 2nd Edition eText (1 year access)


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  • ISBN: 9780132976169-1
  • Author: Michael William Cranny
  • 502 pages
  • Ages: 12+

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For use with Canada in the Twentieth Century course guide by Donna Ward
Counterpoints meets the requirements for a 20th Century Canadian History high school course Grade 10-12.
Counterpoints meets the requirements of B.C. Social Studies Grade 10.

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UNIT 1: Canada in Transition: A Nation Emerges

Chapter 1: A Different Canada
Chapter 2: Canada and the First World War
Chapter 3: Canada in the 1920s
Chapter 4: The 1930s: A Decade of Despair
Chapter 5: Canada and the Second World War

Unit 2: Refining an Identity: Canada in the Post-War Years
Chapter 6: Canada in the Post-War Years
Chapter 7: Times of Turmoil - Canada in the 1960s and 1970s
Chapter 8: Canada Shifts Focus - 1980 and Beyond

Unit 3: Canadians and Their Government
Chapter 9: Citizens Effecting Change
Chapter 10: Protecting Human Rights

Unit 4: Human Geography: The Future in Balance
Chapter 11: Population Trends and Issues
Chapter 12: Living Standards in a Changing World
Chapter 13: The Environment: Our Challenges and Responsibilities


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