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Flight from the Fortress


Lyn Cook’s newest book takes place during the second seige of the Fortress of Louisbourg, 1757.

  • ISBN: 9781550417920
  • Author: Lyn Cook
  • 156 pages
  • Ages: 8-12

This yarn is set in 1758 at the Fortress of Louisbourg off the eastern coast of Canada. Philippe, 16, has been raised to be English like his father, but with a French mother, he easily understands both sides of the warring cultures. It is in searching for his father that he travels to Isle Royale, where British warships have all but defeated the French town. He befriends Gaby, a French girl whose parents have died, and they decide they must escape the fighting, taking along her baby brother and sister and Jonas, a slave boy running from an abusive master.

They make their way through woods and marsh in search of freedom, peace, and hope. Minor characters are not developed in any detail, but Philippe and Gaby are easy to visualize, and easy to root for. Excellent pacing keeps this story fresh as they face one obstacle after another. Some loose ends are tied up a bit too neatly, but readers' curiosity will be satisfied. Solid historical fiction.

"Lyn Cook's novel will bring this period of Canadian history alive for the reader and give new understanding of the plight of the Acadian refugees."

-- Winnipeg Free Press

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