Pirates and Privateers: Swashbuckling Stories From the East Coast


Murder, mutiny, and mayhem were the order of the day in the seas off the East Coast during the golden age of sailing. Pillagers and opportunists plied the seas in search of riches in the holds of American ships. And they invariably found what they were looking for…

  • ISBN: 9781552779637
  • Author: Joyce Glasner
  • 144 pages
  • Ages: 8-12, 12+

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Being an avid reader of books on this topic, there is much here I’ve seen before. It’s to Glasner’s credit that much of this material was also new to me, and her presentation is both informative and entertaining. Anyone interested in Canadian or nautical history should enjoy this. Canadian history buffs might also want to check out the preceding 99 volumes in Altitude Publishing’s Amazing Stories series. – Tom Knapp

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