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Many Gifts Grade 5 Student Book


The print Student Book features complete curriculum coverage. With Many Gifts 5, students explore First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada, The Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship, and Catholic Teachings.

  • ISBN: 9780176530600
  • Authors: Mary Cairo and Luci Soncin
  • Grade: 5


  • 100% alignment to the 2013 Ontario Curriculum: Social Studies, Grades 1-6
  • Aligned to the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations
  • Infuses Catholic Teachings and supports Virtues Education

Softcover Student Book features engaging design and visuals with complete curriculum coverage

Unit 1: Canadian Government and Citizenship

  • Chapter 1: Local Government
  • Chapter 2: Provincial and Territorial Governments
  • Chapter 3: Federal Government
  • Chapter 4: Working Together
  • Chapter 5: The Rights and Responsibilities of Canadians
  • Unit Inquiry: An Action Plan for the Common Good

Unit 2: First Nations and European Explorers

  • Chapter 6: First Nations Peoples in Eastern Canada
  • Chapter 7: Early Contact
  • Chapter 8: Fur Trade in Eastern Canada
  • Chapter 9: Early Settlements in New France
  • Unit Inquiry: Investigating First Nations People and Europeans in Early Canada


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