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Refugee’s Journey from Nigeria


When the violence by militant terrorist group Boko Haram increases in her village in Nigeria, Baseema and her family make the difficult decision to seek refuge in another country. With limited places to go and few people who are able to help, Baseema is unsure of her future. She hopes to find safety in a country where she will be allowed to go to school, and live without constant fear.

  • ISBN: 9780778746997
  • Author: Ellen Rodger
  • 32 pages
  • Ages: 8-12

Reading Level: Gr. 4 Interest Level: Gr. 3-6 

Interspersed with facts about Nigeria and its people, this narrative tells a story common to many refugees fleeing the country. Readers will learn about the conflict there and how they can help refugees in their communities and around the world who are struggling to find permanent homes.

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