Underground to Canada Novel Study Guide


Understand the importance of freedom and what lengths people will go to achieve it.

This comprehensive novel study on Underground to Canada saves time with useful and detailed activities in a range of styles, from vocabulary, multiple choice and short answer questions.

ISBN: 9781553193425
Classroom Complete Press
Pages: 55
Grades: 5-6


Imagine what the story would be like if it was set today, and better understand the issues that would cause two girls to run away.

  • Become familiar with Julilly and her family with true or false questions.
  • Identify which character said the provided statements.
  • Rewrite the story with a third child taken on the journey.
  • Draw Julilly and Liza’s journey on a map.
  • A crossword, word search, comprehension quiz and answer key are also included.

About the Novel:

A sensitive and dramatic story about a young girl’s escape from slavery. Julilly is taken away from her mammy by a ruthless slave trader and is sold to the Riley Plantation. Sims oversees all the slaves and is very abusive toward them. If the slaves don’t produce, obey rules or try to run away, he will whip them as punishment. She longs for the day when her and her friend Liza are free and can live in peace. Julilly meets a young Canadian ornithologist named Alexander Ross who helps four slaves escape through the Underground Railroad north to Canada. Julilly, her friend Liza, Lester and Adam travel following the North Star to freedom.

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