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Uncovering the Past: Internment Camps


An important addition to any multicultural collection, this title examines the internment of “enemy aliens” in the United States and Canada during the Second World War. With particular emphasis on “yellow peril” and the plight of Japanese-American and Canadian citizens, the book reveals the events, mindsets, and policies leading up to and following the forced removal of thousands of citizens from their homes into internment camps.

  • ISBN: 9780778728627
  • Author: Natalie Hyde
  • Pages: 48
  • Ages: 10-14

Using primary sources including real accounts of survivors, the title encourages readers to examine differing perspectives on the events and think critically about the complex relationship between citizenship and diversity in North America.

A final chapter considers the lasting effects of internment—and how harmful stereotypes in today’s global climate run the risk of repeating past mistakes.

Historical Thinking Skills: Primary Sources, Ethical Judgements, Historical Perspective, Continuity and Change

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