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Who Killed Canadian History?



“This book changed the way I taught history. New updated version is highly recommended”–Donna Ward

Canada is one of the few nations in the Western world that does not teach its history to its young people and to its new citizens. The result is a nation that does not understand and respect its past. J. L . Granatstein’s impassioned evaluation of the study. and teaching of Canadian history is even more relevant today than when it was first published nine years ago. The original edition of this slim but eloquent polemic caused a stir with its revelations that Canadian history had all but vanished from schools and universities in favour of trendy subjects and specialized social history.

  • ISBN: 9780002008952
  • Author: Jack Granatstein
  • 156 pages
  • Ages: Adult

Almost a decade later, however, nothing has been done, and even less Canadian history is taught today in most provinces. In this revised edition-updated with a new introduction and conclusion, and two new chapters-Granatstein once more addresses the question of who killed Canadian history and offers detailed suggestions for putting history back into the schools and the minds of Canadians.

For anyone who cares about perpetuating the Canadian experience, this is an essential book. --Peter C. Newman, The Vancouver Sun

A classic, timely polemic about how little we know of our past. --The Globe and Mail

A literary hand grenade. --Financial Post

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