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Donna Ward is an esteemed author and educator renowned for her contributions to Canadian homeschool curriculum. As the founder of Northwoods Press, Donna Ward has dedicated her career to crafting engaging educational materials that capture the essence of Canada’s rich history, geography, and culture. Through her commitment to excellence and passion for teaching, Donna Ward has earned widespread recognition for her innovative approach to homeschooling resources.

At the heart of Donna Ward’s work lies a deep understanding of the importance of instilling courage and curiosity in young learners. Her flagship series, “Courage and Conquest,” from Northwoods Press, exemplifies this by weaving together captivating narratives of Canadian history. From the early exploration of Canada’s vast landscapes to the transformative events of the 20th century, Donna’s books offer a comprehensive exploration of the nation’s past. The curriculum serves as an invaluable resource for educators seeking to bring history to life in the Canadian homeschool classroom.

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LOVING Courage & Conquest​

My kids are LOVING Courage & Conquest. They cannot get enough of Canadian history. Absolutely love it. We met one of the actors at the Fortress of Louisbourg this past summer, so it’s super fun to learn having been to some of these places.
Canada in the 20th Century
I really appreciate the history course. It gives me an in depth look at Canadian History and Culture! I enjoy the videos and resources and they help me really understand the content. I highly recommend this! Especially for people in highschool. The course has a lot to it and takes a lot of time but it is really interesting!
High School Homeschooler
Lite Membership
I didn’t realize there was so much additional content available on the website with the Lite Membership. I’ve downloaded the pdf of the out-of-print Symbols of Canada in the Lite Membership and it looks wonderful. Thank you for your help!