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Easy Links are now called Lite Memberships. These are accessed by using the 12 digit coupon code inside the front cover of the curriculum you purchased.

Lite Memberships are:

  • for original purchasers of the most recent version of the curriculum
  • added value but not essential to the enjoyment of the course
  • not transferrable
  • do not have an expiry date

As you can understand, we can only support the latest editions of our products.

The code can only be used once by the original purchaser.

Answer keys are found in Account > Downloads when you redeem the coupon code inside the front cover of your curriculum. You must be the original purchaser. Codes can only be used once but downloads are available for several downloads. Please save to a safe place on your computer or cloud. Answer keys are available for:

  • Canada, My Country
  • Courage & Conquest 7th Edition
  • Geography, Province to Province

Africa, A Land of Hope videos are now delivered online in the Africa Lite Membership. The DVD is discontinued. Use the coupon code in the front cover of your book to access the Lite Membership (original purchasers only). See FAQ How do I access my course (at top) for instructions.

Lite Memberships are collections of curated online content that supplement the curriculum by Northwoods Press, namely: Canada, My Country, Canada’s Natives Long Ago, Geography, Province to Province, Courage and Conquest, or Africa, A Land of Hope.

The Lite Membership is included with the book purchase and accessed with a coupon code on a sticker inside the front cover of the book. You must be the original purchaser. Codes can only be used once.

You will find the Lite Membership in the Courses tab after login.

    You can send a direct email to info at Donna Ward dot net.

    Where do I start?

    We offer curriculum by grade, or if teaching multiple grades you can choose curriculum by subject for multi-grade teaching. Many home educators teach socials and science with the whole family together.

    Print the suggested Canadian Social Studies Scope and Sequence and watch the video. Then you will be more informed and able to decide what your children need to learn based on their age and previous studies. (Note: some of the resources listed in the video may be out of print but available at the library.)

    Mitchel Made courses and bundles are specifically designed for home educators in British Columbia who need guidance to be sure all the curricular competencies are met with ease. Each course uses a curriculum guide authored by Donna Ward, with added content to fulfill B.C. requirements. The bundles include the resources specifically needed for the graded course.

    Home educators in other provinces may find the course helpful, but most find the material in the curriculum by Donna Ward enough for their learners.

    The core curriculum for teaching Canadian History is Courage & Conquest: Discovering Canadian History.  As a stand alone, this curriculum will guide both the teacher and the student, however, it is beneficial to add resources for a rich, storied history.

    Bundles linked to Courage & Conquest can be viewed by scrolling down on the shop page to view our favourite resource picks to go with the course. All resources can be purchased in a bundle or individually according to your child’s interest, your budget, and availability of your local library resources. Ownership has definite advantages.

    The online courses that go with Courage & Conquest are light, but give a video introduction to the lesson with added content, audio reading of the lesson content, optional Christian devotionals, curated resources in greater depth than the Lite Membership, help with assignments, and some content for upper levels/high school. These courses ease the work load for busy homeschoolers.

    There are a lot of choices but each homeschool environment has different needs, budgets, and teacher confidence. If you still have questions we can help at info@donnaward.net

    Yes. You can shop by grade to find our high school courses and high school level resources.
    Canada in the 20th Century
    Canadian Geography (textbook only)

    • Teacher resources are located on the first page in the online courses membership of Canada in the 20th Century
    • Enter password found in letter received with course book
    • Save the teacher password on your computer – perhaps on a notepad page on your desktop.


    Families using the Canada, in the Twentieth Century high school course for more than one student in the same family may purchase a license for each sibling and copy of the course book at a 30% discount after the purchase of one full course.

    Note: In the field requiring a school name, choose “OTHER”.

    Pearson etexts cannot be accessed offline.

    For additional support on logging in to a Pearson eText, watch the video and/or view the support PDF below.

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    Yes. The  home office is minutes off the 401 at Woodstock, Ontario. Orders are processed in chronological order of receipt. Please allow several days or more in busy times. You will receive an email with instructions for pick-up when your order is ready.

    To avoid being charged for shipping, choose ‘pick-up’ in cart before proceeding to check-outn ordering. Reversals on shipping charges will carry a $3 processing fee.

    Our company is no longer attending conferences. Other resellers carry our products so please check with your favourite supply company.

    Please email info at donnaward.net to inquire about shipping to your location.

    Items in perfect resalable condition may be packaged carefully and returned for a refund, less shipping and with a 10% restocking fee to cover non-refundable finance charges and labour.
    Please email info at donnaward.net for approval before shipping. shipping is expensive so we encourage buyers to examine products online prior to ordering. We do our best to answer product questions when asked.