Canada in the 20th Century High School Course


This is a multimedia full high school course which includes assignments, answer keys, rubrics, student samples and more. It combines film, text, living books, and web resources for rich content. Assignments contain historical and critical thinking skills. Meets the requirements of Canadian History in most provinces.

  • ISBN: 9781927474006
  • Author: Donna Ward
  • 78 loose leaf pages for binder, online resources
  • Ages: 12+

The course is licensed to one student for 480 days. Under special circumstances extensions will be granted if needed.

Family Discount: This course is licensed to one student. With special permission by the publisher, additional students in the same family may receive a 30% discount on an additional student course access license and workbook.

Counterpoints textbook is a required resource for the course. 

Counterpoints: etext or hardcover.
(Note: Counterpoints - this course is written for the 2nd edition but any edition will do, just note that the page numbers may not correspond exactly. )

For the student

Single student consumable course workbook includes:

  • Day by day course outline for easy implementation
  • Assigned viewing & questions for Canada, A People’s History
  • Assigned reading from Counterpoints text
  • Assigned online resources including stories, videos and more
  • Living resource lists including books & dvds

Student digital code for access to online resources for 480 days for download includes:

  • 22 Online assignments with marking rubrics
  • Essays, Worksheets, Map Skills, Comprehension,
  • Critical Thinking, Historical Thinking
  • 18 Online quiz reviews with answer keys
  • 8 Online unit tests with answer keys
  • Final exam with rubric and marking scheme
  • Online teaching videos including six historical thinking skills
  • 62 Online resource pages with carefully reviewed links, videos & more

For the teacher

  • Full answer key for student course workbook
  • Full answer key for all assignments with marking rubrics
  • Full answer keys for all quizzes and tests with marking rubrics
  • Final exam with answer key and marking rubric


5 reviews for Canada in the 20th Century High School Course

As a homeschooled high-schooler, I can say from firsthand experience that Donna Ward’s Canada in the 20th Century has greatly deepened my interest in and understanding of the people and events that have shaped our country into what it is today. The interactive online material, DVDs, and other “living resources” have been excellent supplements to this outstanding curriculum! Never has Canadian history seemed so intriguing and RELEVANT! Thank you, Donna Ward!

Canada in the 20th Century uses a wide variety of resources to engage a high schooler’s interest. Through living resources, online videos and timelines, Canada: A People’s History, and the main text Counterpoints, Donna Ward has done an excellent job compiling this course. The video questions allow recall of pertinent facts used in Canada: A People’s History. The essay rubric Mrs. Ward uses is an excellent tool for the students to assess their work. The unit quizzes, tests, and the essay make this a complete high school level course which will prepare the student for higher learning.

My son is really enjoying the course, he says he loves it! I think you did an awesome job!

I did three unit quizzes for my Canada studies I got 84%, 91%, and 79%!

I’m really enjoying your course. History isn’t usually my favourite subject but this year it is.

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