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  • Africa Bundle 2023

    Africa Bundle


    Fascinating stories will keep you and your children intrigued as you armchair travel through the amazing continent of Africa.

    • Ages: 8-12, 12+
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  • Africa, A Land of Hope

    Africa, A Land of Hope


    Experience Africa just like you were there! You and your family will be changed forever.

    • 64 pages
    • Ages 8-12, 12+
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  • African Plains Colouring BookAfrican Plains Colouring Book

    African Plains Colouring Book


    This exciting colouring book, documenting the flora and fauna of the African plains will thrill young and old alike.

    • ISBN: 9780486292304
    • Author: Dianne Gaspas-Ettl
    • 48 pages
    • Ages: 8-12
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  • AS: Norman Bethune

    Amazing Stories: Norman Bethune


    “Within hours of his arrival, Norman was taken to meet Chairman Mao Zedong. The smiling man grabbed Norman’s hands in welcome….The two men talked for hours.” This book will be especially fascinating for all readers interested in: history or biography. One of the world’s top surgeons, an advocate of democratic medical services, and an international humanitarian, Norman Bethune risked his life to deliver blood to the front lines. He is revered in China as a hero, where he was a personal friend of Chairman Mao Zedong, and his unceasing and inventive work established a lasting bond between his adopted people and this heroic Canadian.

    • ISBN: 9781551537931
    • Author: Francis Hern
    • Pages: 144
    • Ages: 12+, Adult
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  • Brazil: the People

    Brazil: The People


    Brazil’s fascinating mix of people will intrigue students of today. This resource helps fulfill the Grade 3 B.C. 2016 learning outcomes related to Global Indigenous Cultures.

    • ISBN: 9780778793397
    • Author: Malika Hollander
    • 32 pages
    • Ages: 8-12


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  • Sale! Call of the Wild, graphic novelCall of the Wild

    Call of the Wild: The Graphic Novel

    Original price was: $10.99.Current price is: $7.50.

    The Call of the Wild  is a beautifully painted graphic novel will keep your students mesmerized in the story of Buck, dog in the Klondike.

    We bought too many for conferences that were cancelled….your gain.

    • ISBN: 9789380028330
    • Author: Jack London
    • 72 pages
    • Ages: 8-12, 12+
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  • Cry, the Beloved Country

    Cry, The Beloved Country


    Cry, the Beloved Country, was an immediate worldwide bestseller when it was published in 1948. Alan Paton’s impassioned novel about a black man’s country under white man’s law is a work of searing beauty.

    • 316 pages
    • Ages: 12+
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  • David Livingstone: Africa's Trailblazer

    David Livingstone: Africa’s Trailblazer


    Braving danger and hardship, David Livingstone crisscrossed vast uncharted regions of Africa to open new frontiers and spread the message of the gospel to all who would listen (1813-1873). Features Bibliography and maps.

    • 208 pages
    • Ages: 8-12
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  • Sale! David Livingstone: Africa's Trailblazer Audio CD

    David Livingstone: Africa’s Trailblazer Audio CD

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    With the heart of an explorer and the passion of an evangelist, David Livingstone mapped vast, unexplored areas of Africa, sharing the gospel with whomever he encountered. His stamina and perseverance created the legacy of a trailblazing explorer with a hunger to make Christ known wherever his steps led him.

    • ISBN: 9781576587942
    • Author: Janet and Geoff Benge
    • Running Time: 5:09 hrs
    • Ages: 8-12
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  • Sale! Design Your Own Coat of ArmsDesign Your Own Coat of Arms

    Design Your Own Coat of Arms: An Introduction to Heraldry

    Original price was: $7.99.Current price is: $5.99.

    With Design Your Own Coat of Arms , anyone interested in the ancient and distinctive language of heraldry can create his or her own coat of arms. This easy-to-read, profusely illustrated guide to the history, symbolism, and construction of heraldic devices allows even children to fashion authentic designs.

    Step-by-step directions tell how to trace the shape of the shield and its divisions and how to select symbols that reflect personal origins, traits, and achievements.

    • ISBN: 9780486249933
    • Author: Rosemary A. Chorzempa
    • Pages: 48
    • Ages: 8-12
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  • Discovering Canada: The Vikings

    Discovering Canada: Vikings


    Meet these daring men and women, the first Europeans to land in Canada. Who were they? Where did they travel? What gods inspired them? Where did they live? How did they dress? What sports did they play?

    • ISBN: 9780773752092
    • Author: Robert Livesey
    • 90 pages
    • Ages: 8-14
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  • Sale! Economy & Globalization

    Economy & Globalization

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    Learn how the global economy functions and how the world relies on each other to survive. Our resource debates the pros and cons of nationalization and privatization as it relates to the global economy.

    • ISBN: 9781553194811
    • Author: Classroom Complete Press
    • Pages: 60
    • Ages: 8-12
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