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My Story: Flying Ace


Jack Fairfax, Royal Flying Corps, 1915-1918

Jack Fairfax is the 19-year-old son of Lord and Lady Fairfax. His parents don’t approve of him volunteering for the Royal Flying Corps: these new flying machines have nothing to do with “proper” warfare. But Jack takes to the skies and faces the skills of the German ace pilots. When his best friend is shot down, he has greater incentive to rid the skies of the enemy.

  • ISBN: 9780439935517
  • Author: Jim Eldridge
  • 160 pages
  • Ages: 8-12, 12+

Front Lines, 1917
Sometimes, seeing one of the new chaps setting off, bouncing across the airfield in a way that showed he was still coming to terms with his machine, I gave thanks for all the advanced training at Upavon. At the time I’d resented the hours I’d spent there, keeping me from the Front, but now I saw that those few extra weeks of hard and repetitive training had helped to keep me alive.

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