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My Story: Spy Smuggler


Paul lives in a French village which has been occupied by Nazis since 1940. One night Paul’s best friend is taken away. Then Paul decides to join the Resistance against the German occupation of his country, helping to get Allied prisoners of war and agents out of the country. Will he ever find out what happened to his good friend?

  • ISBN: 9780439935524
  • Author: Jim Eldridge
  • 192 pages
  • Ages 8-12. 12+

France, July 1943

I couldn’t see the four fires, but I could smell them, the scent of burning paraffin and wood coming thickly in waves of smoke across the field. My heart started thumping again. Surely if we could smell the fires, others could as well. A German patrol would smell them for sure!

Then I was aware of a large shape looming up in the night sky, its wings wide. It was the biggest thing I had ever seen. There were no lights showing on it. Down, down, down it came, lower and lower. I could hear the sound of its engine slowing and I thought with alarm, “If it goes any slower it will crash in the field, and what will we do then?”

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My kids loved this book.

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