Remembrance: Secret Agents Lesson & Resource Bundle


This bundle of riveting resources will help your children develop an emotional connection and deep regard for veterans who deserve our honour both on Remembrance Day and throughout the year. Critical thinking skills will be intertwined with real life stories as students eyes are opened to the hard choices which had to be made in wartime.

  • ISBN: 9780123457165
  • Author: Various
  • Ages: 8-12

WWII: Secret Agents in France includes:

  • story about real Canadian secret agents
  • map
  • critical thinking activity - Ethical Dimensions in History
  • Christian critical thinking activity - Is there ever a time for a righteous lie?
  • resource links for critical thinking topic
  • spy code activity
  • resource list including non-fiction, fiction, biography, videos and websites
  • Listen to a real and riviting account of a Canadian airman who was shot down over France, saved by the French resistance, betrayed and captured by the Nazis, and survived a POW camp

Camp X Historical Fiction Series
Real life events and characters are combined with fictional protagonists - two adventuresome brothers who help 'save the day' midst danger and secracy.

Hiding Place for Young Readers
Is there ever a time to tell a righteous lie? Corrie Ten Boon, author of Hiding Place, struggles with this question when hidden Jews are at risk and Nazis are knocking at the door. WWII: Secret Agents in France gives you both sides of the answer for debate, but with this book your children can learn the whole story as they make sense of the hard choices which have to be made in wartime.

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This was perfect for a November unit. My kids became fascinated with secret agents and are now onto the Camp X historical fiction. Thanks for this excellent resource.

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