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Secret Agents in France Lesson


A quick and easy, but deeply impacting, Remembrance Day lesson for all ages.

  • ISBN: 9781927474099
  • Author: Donna Ward
  • Pages: 8
  • Ages 8-12, 12+

WWII: Secret Agents in France is a captivating lesson which may be done in a single, or multiple lessons suitable for ages 8-12 but of interest for older students as well.

Students will be intrigued by the story of two Canadian secret agents who worked in France in WWII. They will then examine the Ethical Dimension of this story in history, along with Christian Critical Thinking - Is a lie always wrong? Of course, as in all my curriculum, I do the research for parents/teachers, and give you great sources for thinking/answering this question while leaving it up to parental convictions.

A curated and reviewed audio story from a Canadian pilot who experienced help in enemy territory during WWII is valuable as a first-hand (primary source) account.

Lesson Timing

Basic Outline - 33 minutes
Additional Resources - 60 minutes +

Lesson includes:

  • Story, Map
  • Critical Thinking (Ethical Dimensions in History)
  • Christian Critical Thinking - Is a lie always wrong?
  • Secret Coding Activity
  • Additional Resources: books, novels, videos, websites
  • Easy Links

Lesson is reproducible with digital download code for original purchaser.



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