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  • Across Canada Bundle


    The Across Canada Bundle is a carefully chosen set of six captivating books which bring colour, culture, and excitement to the geography of Canada.

    These resources set the young child on a great foundation for understanding the land, culture and people of this great country. When children see themselves in books they read they gain an understanding of their own identity and their national identity.

    These books will be read over and over again.

    • ISBN: 9780123451330
    • Author: Various
    • Ages: 5-7, 8-12
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  • Alberta Land and People

    Alberta: Land and People


    This activity book is about Canada’s fourth largest province. Its reproducible activities are designed for Grades 4-6 readers. Topics include Alberta’s geographical regions and climate, the Rocky Mountains, rivers systems and natural resources.

    • ISBN: 9780919972735
    • Author: Bill MacDonald
    • 40 pages
    • Ages 8-12
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  • B is for Bluenose

    B is for Bluenose: A Nova Scotia Alphabet


    Who were the first people of Nova Scotia? What massive star-shaped fortress can be found in Halifax? What type of water plant not only provides food and shelter to Canadian wildlife but also lessens coastal erosion?

    The answers to these questions, along with many facts, traditions, and much history can be found in B is for Bluenose: A Nova Scotia Alphabet.

    • ISBN: 9781585363629
    • Author: Susan Tooke
    • 40 pages
    • Ages 5-7, 8-12
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  • Beginner Map Activities

    Beginner Map Activities


    Enjoy using these easy-to-follow activities that introduce young learners to the special language of maps. Numerous drawings are included to further clarify and reinforce the content.

    As a bonus, the teacher section at the bottom of each page defines key terms, clarifies objectives and suggests further activities.

    • ISBN: 9781897319185
    • Author: Shelby Anderson and George Quinn
    • Pages: 39
    • Ages: 5-7
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  • Berenstain Bears Think of Those in Need

    Berenstain Bears Think of Those in Need


    Come for a visit in Bear Country with this classic book from Stan and Jan Berenstain. From closets and drawers to the attic and the basement – Papa, Mama, Brother, and Sister realize that they have too much stuff. But what will they do with it all?

    • ISBN: 9780679889571
    • Author: Stain Berenstain
    • 32 pages
    • Ages 5-7
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  • Big Tracks, Little TracksBig Tracks, Little Tracks

    Big Tracks, Little Tracks


    Does a cat use his claws when he walks? How does a rabbit run? What does a skunk smell like? Find out the answers in this classic text that teaches young readers how to track animals by finding footprints and other clues.

    • ISBN: 9780064451949
    • Author: Millicent Selsam
    • 32 pages
    • Ages: 5-7. 6-9
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  • British Columbia Land & People

    British Columbia: Land and People


    Introducing British Columbia: how large is British Columbia? How many people live in British Columbia and where do they live? What is the capital of British Columbia? How did British Columbia get its name? and many more questions answered in this easy to use hands on activity book.

    • ISBN: 9780919972759
    • Author: Bill MacDonald
    • 40 pages
    • Ages 8-12
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  • Canada

    Canada (Hardcover)


    Canada is the second largest country in the world, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, and north to the Arctic. Between these boundaries lies an astonishing array of landscapes. From brightly coloured homes along the cliffs of Newfoundland to the brilliant yellow of a Manitoba sunflower, this photo book captures the country’s diversity.

    • ISBN: 9781551105246
    • Author: Tanya Lloyd
    • 96 pages, 72 colour photographs
    • Ages 5-7, 8-12, 12+, Adult
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  • Map Book 1

    Canada Map Book 1


    Introduce students to Canada through maps and map activities. Self-directed workpages to teach map skills and Canadian geography.

    • ISBN: 9781897319093
    • Author: George Quinn
    • 40 pages
    • Ages: 6-9
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  • Map Book 2Map Book 2

    Canada Map Book 2


    This reproducible activity book contains a variety of maps of Canada, designed to help students in Grades 3-4 learn to master basic map skills while gaining a better understanding of Canadian geography.

    • ISBN: 9781897319086
    • Author: George Quinn
    • 40 pages
    • Ages: 8-12
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  • Map Book 3Map Book 3

    Canada Map Book 3


    The third in a series of activity books designed to develop map skills, this easy-to-use book introduces special language of maps and includes over 40 thoughtful activities. The activities are organized in a sequential progression around four general skills involving shape, symbols, direction and position and scale. Through a variety of activities based on provincial social studies curricula, the broad map understandings are subdivided into more specific map skills. Each activity develops one or more new skills to provide an efficient and logical way for students to learn to use maps.

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  • Map Book 4Map Book 4

    Canada Map Book 4


    The fourth in a series of popular activity books designed to develop map skills, Map Book 4 contains 40 lively activities to help grades 5 to 6 readers develop and apply four fundamental map skills:

    • shapes
    • symbols
    • position
    • direction and scale

    • ISBN: 9780919972827
    • Author: George Quinn
    • 48 pages
    • Ages 8-12
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