Canada, My Country 8th Edition

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Canada, My Country 8th Edition is a colorful and engaging social studies textbook that makes learning about Canada fun and accessible for students in grades 1-4.

With its read-aloud format and minimal preparation required by teachers, this curriculum helps young learners grasp the fundamentals of Canadian geography, including both its physical landscapes and political divisions.

  • 75 pages, 27 lessons
  • Ages 5-7, 8-12
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Chapters explore national symbols, different levels of government, and the freedoms enjoyed by Canadians. Maps, illustrations and easy-to-digest information introduce children to key facts about Canada in a way that sparks their interest.

Suitable as a whole class resource or independent study, Canada, My Country 8th Edition lays the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of this country’s history.

The Canada, Country Lite Membership is available for access to curated third party videos and websites.

This study requires photos of Canadian landscapes.

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5 reviews for Canada, My Country 8th Edition

  1. R. MCuaig, B.A. (history), B.Ed., AB

    Donna Ward’s Canada, My Country was a tremendous find. This easy to use program makes Canada accessible. This program is about real places, real people and clear geography. The resources behind the program continue to engage my children years later.

  2. Ruth Stephenson

    After Canada’s Natives Long Ago we began Canada, My Country. We put pictures of animals and scenery on the N~S~E~W walls and had a ball. When I felt they knew the East Atlantic and West Pacific well, I gave them the Physical Map and they coloured the oceans and waterways. Then we strated with the Maritimes; the Physical Map, cardinal directions, and then broke that area into the Political Map. They coloured the pictures from the workpages while I read from the Kids Book of Canada. We worked our way from east to west and then north to the newest territory, Nunavut. I look forward to repeating this in more detail, and reading more Dear Canada Diary books as we go along. Thanks again.

  3. Homeschooler

    As my two children sit and work in their Canada, My Country workbooks, – totally absorbed – I must take this moment to thank you for your outstanding work. Both children have delighted in every page. Needless to say, their response overflows onto me and all others who are near.

  4. Danielle

    Thanks for such an easy simple curriculum to work with my kids on. We had so much fun with this one.

  5. Homeschool Mom

    I am so pleased that we found Donna Ward’s materials. I love how easy they are to use as a busy homeschool Mom. I also love the new updated access to printing off the worksheets online. Most of all I love how she has done the work for me of finding and listing all the amazing living book resources that go with the programs. Canada my Country was a wonderful way to introduce my young elementary students to Canada.

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