Grade 1: Canada & Local Communities Inclusive Bundle (Mitchell Made)


The bundle includes the Grade 1 course Local Communities (MM) by Holly Mitchell with delightful print edition books to give your child a cozy introduction to their local community.

This Grade 1 Socials and English course focuses on Canada and local communities. It is especially suited so parents/teachers in B.C. are assured all the course competencies are covered.

Canada My Country is the base text for the Canada study and following are 5 picture books studies focusing on various aspects of local communities.  Recycling, appreciating the generations, valuing culture, helping those in need, and Aboriginal lifestyle are a few of the featured themes.

  • ISBN: 9780123454218-1
  • Author: Holly Mitchell
  • Ages: 5-7
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English communication skills are embedded throughout and core competencies are practiced as the student engages in rich discussions and invitations to communicate their understanding.

The course is online with access for one year from time of coupon redemption. The books are physical books which will be shipped. 

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