Guide to CA Government Series 1

After reading selected pages in the book, a short online lesson recaps and defines the information, with a final quiz of which the results are printable for school records.

Quizzes must be completed by students individually and printed to PDF or your printer to retain results.

Contents (20-30 min. per lesson):

  1. Reading list from Who Runs This Country Anyway?
  2. Summary of information in module form
  3. Quiz based on the summary for middle to upper elementary. For younger children, simply guiding them through the quiz should do the trick.
  4. Online video links from around the web.


Series 1  - Up to An Election

Module 1 - Types of Government
Module 2 - Positions in Parliament
Module 3 - British North America Act
Module 4 - Constitution Act & Charter of Rights
Module 5 - Winners and Losers
Module 6 - Election Time
Module 7 - Election Day

Series 2 - After the Election  (Purchased separately)

Module 8 - On Parliament Hill
Module 9 -Touring Ottawa
Module 10 - A New Session
Module 11 - A Day in the House of Commons
Module 12 - Proceedings
Module 13 - A Bill Becomes Law
Module 14 - Wrap Up

Families can use the modules together, with student's completing the quizzes individually.


2 reviews for Guide to CA Government Series 1

My children (13, 12 and 9) have enjoyed the modules. We have almost completed Series 2. The Guide to Canadian Government kept our family engaged through the election process. We had the pleasure of having Tony Clement stop by our house and my kids were able to have informed and intelligent conversation with him. He encouraged them to pursue politics.

My boys (10 & 12) are really enjoying the lessons so far, as am I. You make it possible for me to guide them through the election. I really appreciate your time! Great job!

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