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Travel from B.C. to Nunavut in 58 self-guided lessons. This complete curriculum allows students to independently explore provincial geography, symbols, natural resources, population and highlights of provincial history.

  • ISBN: 9780123454546
  • Author: Donna Ward and others
  • Ages: 8-12
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Your kids will love the full colour, updated pages, with digital worksheets and answer key in Geography, Province to Province 6th Edition, the fun of travelling across Canada with WOW Canada, and the easy to use maps in the Collins Canadian Atlas. The five Dylan Maples geography novels are a fun and great addition to this program. Donna loves these novels by Shane Peacock, though there are a few instances of curse words..

Lessons cover topics such as forestry, the oil industry, farming, multiculturalism, manufacturing, fishing, tourism and mining. Interesting educational trivia keeps the students reading. Answer key included.

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