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Camp X Series Bundle


Buy all the CAMP X series in one bundle and save $6.

Espionage & suspense will capture your tweens in this riveting series about the Canada part in the intelligence war in WWII.

  • ISBN: 9780123457226
  • Author: Eric Walters
  • Ages: 8-12, 12+

It's 1942, and George and his older brother, Jack, get involved in the intelligence war in Canada while their father is away in Europe during World War Two. Each book in this series takes you on a new adventure in different areas from Camp X, where allied secret agents were trained near Ajax, Bermuda, where enemy mail is intercepted.

Canada's foremost secret agent, The Man Called Intrepid, Sir William Stephenson, figures into the stories.

Even the adults might be reading this in a quiet moment....gripping page turners!

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To those who suggested the Camp-X series for my history loving son, Thank you! We just finished the third book in the series, and his reading has improved so much.

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Camp X (Camp X Book 1)
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Camp 30 (Camp X Book 2)
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Fool's Gold (Camp X Book 3)
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Shell Shocked (Camp X Book 4)
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Trouble in Paradise (Camp x Book 5)
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Enigma (Camp X Book 6)
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