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  • Geography, Province to Province 6th EditionGeography P2P spread

    Geography, Province to Province Sixth Edition


    Your kids will love the full colour pages, with digital worksheets and answer key. Included with your purchase is the online Geography Lite Membership which gives curated third party links to pertinent websites.

    • ISBN: 9780986860843
    • Author: Donna Ward
    • 130 pages, 58 lessons
    • Ages: 8-12
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  • Geography Full Bundle


    Purchase the complete bundle for Geography, Province to Province 6th Edition.

    Save $4

    Travel from B.C. to Nunavut in 58 self-guided lessons. This complete curriculum allows students to independently explore provincial geography, symbols, natural resources, population and highlights of provincial history.

    • ISBN: 9780123454546
    • Author: Donna Ward and others
    • Ages: 8-12
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  • 9780123454706

    Land and People Bundle


    Full set of workbooks for all provinces and territories.

    Get the whole Land and People Explore Canada’s Geography Workbook series.

    • ISBN: 9780123454706
    • Author: Bill MacDonald
    • 13 books


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  • Yukon Land and PeopleYukon: Land and People

    Yukon: Land and People


    Children will learn about the geography, climate, people and natural resources in this Grade 4-6 reproducible workbook.

    • 40 pages
    • Ages 8-12
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