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Africa Bundle


Fascinating stories will keep you and your children intrigued as you armchair travel through the amazing continent of Africa.

  • ISBN: 9780123456144
  • Author: Various
  • Ages: 8-12, 12+

The curriculum guide, Africa, a Land of Hope, gives your children an overview of the geography and history of the various regions of Africa.
Ryan and Jimmy, and the Well that Brought Them Together, and One Hen are two wonderful stories of making things better.

The four readers ― two biographies, and two fiction give a fascinating look into culture and people in the history, and current events in Africa.

Take an armchair trip to the most fascinating continent in the world!

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1 review for Africa Bundle

Our family has now returned to Senegal and my daughter and I are doing a 3-month Africa unit using your materials. We loved Listening for Lions and my husband and Rachel are enjoying Beverly Naidoo’s books as well. Your unit study is wonderful and the internet links are a great resource too!

What's in the bundle?

Africa, A Land of Hope
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David Livingstone: Africa's Trailblazer
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Facing the Lion
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Listening for Lions
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Long Walk to Water
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One Hen
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Ryan and Jimmy and the Well That Brought Them Together
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