Then and Now Bundle

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These five colourful books will help students learn about time and change.

While modern conveniences have made life more comfortable and efficient, they have also brought about distractions and a constant bombardment of information. While the specific challenges and opportunities may have evolved over time, the essence of the human experience continues to resonate across the ages. Discover change and continuity in our history.

  • Ages 6-9


Discover continuity and change in this lovely Then and Now Series for young children.

Children can explore the continuity of certain cultural practices, such as the celebration of holidays or the use of specific tools and technologies. By understanding the historical roots of these practices, children can gain a deeper appreciation for the traditions and customs that have been passed down through generations. At the same time, children can also learn about the changes that have occurred in society, such as the development of new technologies or the emergence of new political systems.

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1 review for Then and Now Bundle

  1. Rebekah H.

    Upon opening the book box my son sat down and read every caption. He is now reading them completely and he and his younger brothers bring them to me for read aloud time, too.

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