Canada’s Natives All Inclusive Bundle


We have packed a box so full of resources your kids will be intrigued for hours!

  • curriculum guide
  • novels
  • activity and craft idea books
  • colourful resource books
  • picture books

It won’t even feel like school!

  • ISBN: 9780123453204
  • Ages: 8-12
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Canada’s Natives Long Ago will guide you and your children through a study of the First Nations of Canada.

This bundle gives you a full living books library of colourful resources for the different cultural groups, a set of picture books with wonderful paintings and stories of the various groups, a favourite novel selection, and activity books for your hands-on learners.

Wisdom and Gifts tells the story of so many of the things we enjoy today which we adopted from the culture and ingenuity of the First Nations.

Your children will be mesmerized for hours.

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