Delta Is My Home


The Delta is My Home is narrated by eleven-year-old Tom McLeod, a young Gwich-in and Inuvialuktun boy from Aklavik, a small town located in the Mackenzie Delta. It tells the story from the First Nations perspective.

Tom tells why he loves the land, and what special things his family does to live off the land. Beautiful photographs and engaging text make this a valuable picture book for all ages.

  • ISBN: 9781897252321
  • Author: Tom McLeod and Mindy Willett
  • 25 pages
  • Ages: 5-7, 8-12
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Tom McLeod is an eleven-year-old boy from Aklavik who is a gifted storyteller heard frequently on CBC Radio North. He is of mixed cultural heritage-Gwich”in and Inuvialuit. Tom tells us why his home in the Mackenzie Delta is a special place and why he loves to live on the land.

He describes how his town floods in the spring and why he loves “ratting” (trapping muskrats) and hunting “black ducks” (white-winged and surf scoters) in the Delta. Readers will learn why these ducks are decreasing in number and how and why they are important to Tom and his people.

Tom says, “Northerners have always hunted animals for survival. We are careful about how we use the land. To be good hunters we need to pay attention to what is happening on the land around us-that’s why it’s important for us to be out there. We are the first to know if the land and animals are changing.”

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