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Email Sent Courage & Conquest Online History Course Series One


School administrators and facilitators ordering on behalf of other users can order this product to have an email code sent to the family of their choice listed in the order comments (please include the recipient’s full name and email address).

  • ISBN: 9780123459107-1
  • Author: Donna Ward
  • Online course
  • Grades 4-10

You will love the ease of having Donna Ward introduce history to your children, with video and the lesson in audio enhanced with music and sound effects. The content is self-paced, with an easy 2-3 day per week plan, along with recommended extra resources in books, videos, online resources to fill out the course for those who want to explore more.

  • Opening teaching video
  • Audio of lesson content
  • Explanation of the Historical Thinking Concept included in the lesson and the assignment
  • Christian Biblical topic¬† which can be used according to personal convictions

Students of multiple grades can do the course, with extra assignments for high school students (still under development).

The course content covers the time period of first European contact to Confederation.



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