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Courage & Conquest 7th Edition Members Download


Original purchasers of Courage & Conquest 7th Edition have the option to download workpages for use with students of a single homeschooling family  or students of one teacher in a brick and mortar classroom.

Use the coupon code inside the front of your book for 100% off this product.  Please do not share with friends.

You will be automatically enrolled in the Courage & Conquest 7th Edition Lite Membership which includes curated 3rd party videos and websites. Go to Enrolled tab (top right) to access membership.


If you are the original purchaser and your code ends with 0024 and is 14 digits you have an older code from our previous website. Please email the code from the sticker in the front of your book (or send a photo) to to renew this download.  Downloads to the older version of Courage & Conquest are no longer available (code ends in 0004).

If the code in your book is 12 digits you have a new code and you can use it here when you check out. You will automatically be enrolled in the Courage & Conquest Lite Membership to find curated videos to go with the lessons (previously Easy Links).

Please see the full online course with teaching by Donna Ward in conjunction with the book.


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You and your students will love the online course which goes with Courage & Conquest. It will take students through the book  with a daily teaching by Donna Ward including extra course content, teaching the Six Historical Thinking Concepts, daily activities, added Christian thoughts to process and more.

Siblings of one homeschool family may use the course together.

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