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First Peoples and European Contact is the focus in the Grade 4 Socials Studies/English Course.

Be sure to mark each lesson and topic complete so student receives the Completion Certificate (PDF download) available on this page after completion.

ResourceS NEEDED

  • Student journal with pages for writing and drawing/painting, craft supplies as needed.
  • Courage and Conquest – Donna Ward*
  • The Kid’s Book of Canadian History
  • The Kid’s Book of Canadian Railway
  • Canada Map Book 6: Exploring Canada’s History
  • Canadian Explorers 
  • Madeleine Takes Command – Read Aloud & study
  • The Sign of the Beaver – Read Aloud or silently – study option provided

These books may be purchased in the Grade 4 Inclusive Bundle which includes the course.

The author

Holly Mitchell lives in the beautiful Okanagan with her four sons whom she homeschooled. Holly started working as a Christian DL teacher in 2005 and has over 12 years of experience navigating and mentoring families through the Ministry of Education’s expectations. She’s now Principal of a small DL school in the province of BC and has a passion for course development using literature rich resources.

Mitchell Made K-6 Socials offers flexible grade appropriate instructions for meeting Ministry learning standards across the grades and subjects. Courses are designed with a Biblical perspective and are light and doable with flexible adaptive assignments.