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Regional and Global Communities is the focus in this Grade 2 Socials Studies/English Course.

Be sure to mark each lesson and topic complete so student receives the Completion Certificate (PDF download) available on this page after completion.

Resources needed

  • Student journal with pages for writing and drawing/painting, craft supplies as needed.
  • Internet needed…the course visits various websites. Hyperlinks are built into the course.
  • Canada My Country *
  • Canada Map Book 1
  • Life in a Fishing Community
  • Life in a Forestry Community
  • Capturing Joy (or Claire’s Gift which is out of print)
  • Spotlight on Canada
  • Roll On
  • Maple Moon
  • Sugaring Off Party
  • Bone Button Borscht

Canada, My Country: online printable worksheets and answer keys are available – see inside cover for code

These books can be purchased together in the Grade 2: Regional and Global Communities Inclusive Bundle 1 or Bundle 2