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  • Canadian Leaders

    Canadian Leaders


    This book is filled with illustrations and photographs, and is written at a level suitable for young Canadians to read to themselves.

    Included are the lives of Prime Ministers Sir John A. Macdonald and Pierre Elliot Trudeau, first lay nurse Jeanne Mance, Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant and Officer Sam Steele of the North West Mounted Police.

    • ISBN: 9780439961042
    • Author: Maxine Trottier
    • 48 pages
    • Ages: 6-9
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  • Nate Saint: On a Wing and a Prayer Audio CD


    This inspiring biographical story looks at the life of Nate Saint. His air-service ministry to isolated missionaries put him on a path of destiny that would ultimately end with a final airplane flight with four missionary friends to the “Palm Beach” landing strip in the jungles of Ecuador. The men’s lives given that day not only opened a door to the gospel for the unreached “Aucas”; it has been said that possibly no single event of the twentieth century awakened more hearts to God’s call to serve in missions.

    • ISBN: 9781576587560
    • Author: Janet and Geoff Benge
    • Running Time: 4:35 hrs
    • Ages: 8-12
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  • Tom Thompson: The Life and Mysterious Death of the Famous Canadian Painter


    This book will be especially fascinating for all readers interested in: biography, history, the visual arts or true-life mysteries. Tom Thomson is perhaps Canada’s most famous artist. His short and glorious career was abruptly and brutally ended on July 8, 1917. Since the recovery of Thomson’s body, theories as to the cause of his death — accident? murder? — have preoccupied sleuths for close to 100 years.

    • ISBN: 9781459504943
    • Author: Jim Poling Sr.
    • 50 pages
    • Ages: 8-12, 12+
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