Ticket to Curlew

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Sam Ferrier and his father arrive in Curlew, Alberta to build a house for the family. When Sam’s little brother disappears, he discovers how terrifying the prairie can be.

  • ISBN: 9780888998439
  • Author: Celia Lottridge
  • 144 pages
  • Ages: 8-12

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It is 1915, and Sam Ferrier and his father arrive by train in Curlew, Alberta, to build a new home for the family. When they finally reach their parcel of land, Sam can see nothing but endless stretches of grassland and blue sky. It is nothing like their old home in Iowa, and he wonders why his restless father ever decided to bring the family to this lonely, barren land.In time, though, the house is built, and the rest of the family joins them.

Gradually Sam discovers that there is much more to the flat and featureless prairie than he realized. The tall grasses hide a mysterious collection of gleaming white skulls. Torrential thunderstorms appear with startling swiftness out of a clear-blue sky. And when one day he finds that his little brother has suddenly disappeared on the seemingly flat prairie, Sam discovers that their new land can be both awesome, and frightening.

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