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Becoming A Mountie

Did you know that Canada’s national police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) dates back to the time of Confederation? Prime Minister John A. Macdonald created the original force (the North-West Mounted Police) to round up horse thieves and whiskey smugglers on the Prairies.

Since 1886 recruits have completed basic training at the Depot Division in Regina, Saskatchewan, after which they are posted for field training anywhere in Canada.

Historical Thinking Concepts – Historical Significance

  • What do you think makes the RCMP historically significant?
  • Has this police force affected many people over a long period of time? How?
  • Is this police force important to your family; to your region; to your province; to your country? Why?
Join two adventurers in their travelogue attempts to join Mountie cadets.

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