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  • 9780123454706

    Land and People Bundle


    Full set of workbooks for all provinces and territories.

    Get the whole Land and People Explore Canada’s Geography Workbook series and save $21.

    • ISBN: 9780123454706
    • Author: Bill MacDonald
    • 13 books


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  • Remembrance: Italian Campaign Lesson & Resource Bundle


    Smokey Smith exemplified courage and strong action in the face of danger. The story and historical thinking in this single lesson helps students think critically while learning about Canada’s past. Canada’s Wars: An Illustrated History will help answer their questions and Sniper Fire is a living book to engage students in the story.

    • ISBN: 9780123457172
    • Author: Donna Ward and Others
    • Ages: 8-12


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  • Remembrance Secret Agents Lesson & Resource Bundle

    Remembrance: Secret Agents Lesson & Resource Bundle


    This bundle of riveting resources will help your children develop an emotional connection and deep regard for veterans who deserve our honour both on Remembrance Day and throughout the year. Critical thinking skills will be intertwined with real life stories as students eyes are opened to the hard choices which had to be made in wartime.

    • ISBN: 9780123457165
    • Author: Various
    • Ages: 8-12
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  • Social Studies Bundle


    Discover the wonder of our country with these lovely books and intriguing curriculum guide with reproducible worksheets and curated videos in the Lite Membership. This study is suitable for Grades 1-4 in a multi-grade setting.

    • ISBN: 9780123451705
    • Author: Various
    • Ages 5-7, 8-12
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  • Then and Now Bundle

    Then and Now Bundle


    These five colourful books will help students learn about time and change. What was it like in time long ago? How is it the same or different in modern times?

    • ISBN: 9780123451514
    • Author: Bobbie Kalman
    • Ages 6-9
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