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Ordering for someone else? Avoid the product going to your account!

This product complements reused copies of Courage & Conquest 7th Edition  to allow  for ‘green’ use of the hard-copy book with access to all the resources allowed for original purchasers of Courage & Conquest 7th Edition .

School administrators and facilitators should order this product to have an email code sent to the family listed in the comments field when you order (please include the recipient’s full name and email address).

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This allows someone to purchase on behalf of another person/family and access the resources so they go directly in the user’s account rather than the purchaser’s account.

This will give users the download of the workpages and answer key and also enrolls them in  Courage & Conquest 7th Edition Lite Membership.

Please identify the user by putting their name and email address in the order notes on the billing page, or changing the ‘ship to’ address. An email will be sent with access information.

You and your students will love the online course which goes with Courage & Conquest. It will take students through the book  with a daily teaching by Donna Ward including extra course content, teaching the Six Historical Thinking Concepts, daily activities, added Christian thoughts to process and more.

Siblings of one homeschool family may use the course together.


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