Original purchasers of the Italian Campaign & Smokey Smith: Remembrance Day Study in PDF Ebook or the print edition have the option to download workpages for use with students of a single homeschooling family or students of one teacher in a brick and mortar classroom.

You will also be enrolled in Italian Campaign Lite Membership to access curated online resources that are picked specifically for this course. There is not an expiry date for this membership.

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The Italian Campaign & Smokey Smith, VC is the second in a series of Remembrance Day lessons. Your students will not only learn about the circumstances surrounding the action that earned Private Smith this high honour, but students will also explore historical thinking skills as outlined by The Historical Thinking Project.

Suitable for Grade 7-10 but adaptable to younger grades.

Lesson includes:

  • Story
  • Primary source accounts
  • Historical Thinking Skills (Primary Source vs. Secondary Source)
  • Historical Thinking Skills (Historical Significance)
  • Additional resources: historical fiction, websites

Lesson is reproducible for original purchaser and include full answer key.


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