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Canada, My Country Members Download


Original purchasers of Canada, My Country have the option to download workpages for use with students of a single homeschooling family  or students of one teacher in a brick and mortar classroom.

Use the coupon code inside the front of your book for 100% off this product. Please do not share with friends.

You will also be enrolled in Canada, My Country Lite Membership to access curated online resources that are picked specifically for this course.

If you are the original purchaser and the code inside your book ends with 0003 you have an older code from our previous website. Please email the code (or send a photo) to to receive an renew the availability of your download.

1 review for Canada, My Country Members Download

My kids LOVE this content, it’s fun and engaging and gives lots of room for creativity.

Thanks so much for letting us know, Gayle. Glad your children love this.