Le Canada: Une Histoire Populaire [Coffret 3]

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Canada as you’ve never seen it: a captivating story, told by people who lived it. Drawing its source from the rich oral tradition of the natives as well as from the writings of witnesses of the time, the series brings their personal testimonies to life.

  • ISBN: 774212110870
  • Ages: 8-12, 12+, Adult

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episode 10:
The Conquest of the West / 1873 to 1896

episode 11:
The Great Transformation / 1896 to 1915

episode 12:
The Trial by Fire / 1915 to 1929

episode 13:
Hard Times / 1929 to 1940

The DVD also contains excerpts from television archives corresponding to the era of each episode. Additionally, this box set includes a compact disc of the soundtrack from this series.


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