Showdown at Border Town

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It’s the summer of 1950 when secrets and danger collide for 12-year-old Paul Martin and his friends. When Tom Whitehawk arrives from the Walpole Indian Reserve, Paul and his friend, Abby, quickly welcome him. But soon after arriving, Tom vanishes without a trace. In their desperate search they trigger a series of events in the Colchester-Windsor area that will place all of their lives in danger.
A police inspector from Toronto with a haunted past. A ruthless neighbour with money to burn. The Windsor police under investigation. Paul Martin must figure out how it all fits together– or risk his own life and his friends’ in a dramatic, deadly showdown.

  • ISBN: 9780981243382
  • Author: Caroline Woodward
  • Length: 152 Pages
  • Format: Softcover

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