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My Story: Pyramid of Secrets


It’s 2517 BC and Pharaoh Khafre is building a great pyramid at Giza to rival those built by his predecessors. He is also making plans for what will become one of the most famous and iconic monuments in history – the Sphinx.

But Khafre has enemies and division in his workforce. Among the labourers in his employ is one 12-year-old boy – Nebka. Nebka has his own reasons for hating the pyramids and wanting to rebel. But his rebellion could have drastic consequences for those closest to him.

  • ISBN: 9781443107587
  • Author: Jim Eldridge
  • 160 pages
  • Ages: 8-12

It was 2517 BC. Nebkha, 12 years old, lives with his uncle and aunt. His dad died when he was 6 - crushed by a boulder while building a pyramid. In those days, farmers will all help build the pyramid during the period when the river Nile is flooded. To common folk, building the pyramid was an honour, to do something for the king. But not Nebkha. He hates the pyramid as it has killed his father. But Nebkha has to build it this year in Giza, to build the pyramid of Khafre. During the time he was there, he meets a prisoner, who claims he is the rightful king. When he is able to return to his throne, he will stop the building of pyramids. Nebkha believed him, and was involved in helping him escape.

The book is filled with accounts of how farming is done those days, and of how the pyramid was built.

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