The Lairet River and Birth of Canada

Jacques Cartier needed a safe place to winter his two large ships, Grande Hermine and Petite Hermine, in the winter of 1535-1536. He found a harbour which he named Sainte-Croix, where the Saint-Charles and Lairet rivers met near Stadacona, the Iroquoian Village. One hundred years later, this became the site of the first settlement of Jesuits including Jean de Brébeuf.

Industrialization and urban development threatened the site, but the people of Quebec took an interest in maintaining a place of commemoration. In 2003 a landslide over the Lairet River channel obliterated the river. Archaeological excavations and a complete revitalization of the site was completed in time for the 475 anniversary in 2010, of Jacques Cartier’s second voyage.

Now you can visit the Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site and enjoy the urban park which commemorates these historical events.

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