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Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces, and one of the four provinces that form Atlantic Canada. Its provincial capital is Halifax.  Nova Scotia is the second-smallest of Canada’s ten provinces, with an area of 55,284 square kilometres.  It includes Cape Breton and another 3,800 coastal islands.

As of 2016, the population was 923,598. Nova Scotia is Canada’s second-most-densely populated province with 17.4 inhabitants per square kilometre.

The province’s mainland is the Nova Scotia peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, including numerous bays and estuaries.

Cape Breton Island is an island on the Atlantic coast of North America and part of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada.  The 10,311 km2 island accounts for 18.7% of Nova Scotia’s total area. Although the island is physically separated from the Nova Scotia peninsula by the Strait of Canso, the 1,385 m long rock-fill Canso Causeway connects it to mainland Nova Scotia.

It is often referred to as Industrial Cape Breton, given the history of coal mining and steel manufacturing in this area, which was Nova Scotia’s industrial heartland throughout the 20th century.

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