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The Bains series of historical novels, are well-researched, action-filled narratives following the travels of one family across Canada–from Newfoundland to Alberta– in search of a better life during the hard times of the 1870s.

  • Author: Bill Freeman
  • Pages: 222
  • Ages: 8-12
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The Bains children, their lives forever altered by the tragic loss of their father in the lumber camps of Ottawa, navigate the complexities of survival in a series of novels. Each book intricately weaves the tales of siblings, their unique voices and perspectives illuminating the harsh realities they face.

The author masterfully crafts a narrative that goes beyond mere storytelling, drawing the reader into the heart of the Canadian wilderness, where rugged landscapes and unforgiving winters become tangible realities. The stories, imbued with the pulse of a struggling family, paint a vivid picture of the era, revealing the everyday challenges and triumphs of early Canadian settlers.

This immersive experience, laced with historical accuracy and a poignant exploration of human resilience, ignites a deep curiosity in the reader, propelling them to delve further into the history of the places described. The series doesn’t simply tell a story; it cultivates a lifelong fascination with Canada’s past, leaving a lasting impression of its profound beauty and enduring spirit.

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